Illinois Livescan


digital fingerprinting

Digital Fingerprinting at your services.

Illinois Livescan offers the service of digital fingerprinting to obtain professional licenses in the State of Illinois and fingerprint background checks. Illinois Livescan is a division of Clutter Investigations, Inc. We are a fully licensed Fingerprint Vendor here in Illinois.


Illinois Livescan offers the services of fingerprinting for obtaining any kind of licensure here in the State of Illinois as well as being able to run fingerprint background checks through the State Police and FBI.


Illinois Livescan is ideal for those who are wishing to obtain a Conceal Carry License, Nursing License, Vehicle Dealers License, etc. Illinois Livescan is also ideal for those companies that want to run background checks on their employees during the pre-employment process.

Find us at:

Clutter Investigation 
1032 S. Second Street 
Springfield, IL 62704


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