Become a Process Server!!!


To become a process server in Illinois there are 3 main Danville, IL Process Serverways one can serve process:

1.    Work for a Detective Agency 

When working for a detective agency the process server will be required to hold a PERC card (Permanent Employment Registration Card)   . The PERC card is obtained through the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations. Most company’s will pay for you to obtain the card and there are several requirements one needs to meet in order to get a PERC card

PERC Requirments:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • clean criminal history (there are some offenses that will allow you to pass the background check, but general any felony or crime of dishonest will disqualify a candidate)
  • Not default on child Support and/or student loans
  • Never been dishonorably discharged from the military

Once an individual has a PERC card or a pending PERC application they are then eligible to serve process through a detective agency. Once with an agency there are further training requirements.

A few good things to know once you have the PERC card

  • Know your area
  • Always talk to neighbors if the person you are serving is not home
  • Take as detailed notes as possible – The more detailed your affidavit is the better/ and the better you do the more work your employer will give you
  • You will most likely be paid per job – So, plan a route that allows you to make the most attempts with using the least amount of miles.
  • Make the most of every attempt, talk to neighbors, check for lights on, ring door bell and knock etc

2      Becoming a licensed detective:

Illinois allows state licensed detectives to serve process. If one is licensed they do not need a PERC card nor do they have to work for a detective agency. They are allowed to be sole-practitioners. Although, they can work for a detective agency. Unlike the PERC card in order to become a licensed detective a person must pass a test which is administered twice a year. In order to sit for the test a candidate must meet certain criteria which varies from state to state. Find out what criteria it takes in your state.

3. Motion Order Process server:

One can serve process if they have a written order from the judge presiding over the case. Prior to getting the order he person must meet a certain age requirement and not be a party of the case. It is or would be difficult to serve any volume of process because for every paper the server would need an order from the judge of the case.

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